Can A Standby Generator Increase Your Home’s Value?

standby generator

The past few years have served as a lesson that the power grid in the US is in serious need of an upgrade. It seems that every snow storm or hurricane can knock power out for a considerable amount of time. Wildfires are increasing in frequency that affect the grid and areas that are usually warm can see record breaking cold fronts that also send the grid into a tailspin. 

This means that you need to be prepared for anything when it comes to making sure that you have power. If you have small children or an elderly person in your home then this is even more important. Having a whole home, standby generator is very necessary.

With this in mind, many homeowners are asking if this will also increase their home’s value if they plan to sell. Since it is an investment, it makes sense to want to make sure that there is a return. 

In this article, I will go over how having a standby generator affects the value of your home. 

Money saving potential

There is a potential of huge money savings when you have a standby generator. Now, it doesn’t passively save money, is the thing. It does cost quite a bit of money in upfront costs plus you do need to have companies like Kohler Standby Generator Service to keep up the maintenance. 

However, it pays off when you do have an emergency. When the power goes out your generator can potentially save you thousands of dollars.  If you can’t heat your house, for instance, then your pipes can freeze and burst. Fixing them can cost up to $10,000 which wouldn’t be necessary if you had a standby whole house generator. 

That price is just for the burst pipes. If your basement gets flooded then there is the cost to repair any of that damage in addition to any mold problems that occur as a result. Then there is lost food when your fridge and freezer aren’t working. 

If your home is in an area where power outages are frequent then this could look very enticing for a potential buyer for your home. They will know that the house is protected giving them a lot of peace of mind regarding the money saving potential without them needing to have the unit installed themselves. 

Nice to have feature

The potential buyer of your home is likely looking at dozens of houses before deciding which one to buy. Your area may have a lot of enticing options that tick all the boxes that the buyer is interested in. Having a feature that adds to the pro column of their list could be the thing that tips the balance towards your house.

If everything else in the home is similar to what they have been looking at then they may appreciate the fact that the other homes they’ve looked at don’t come ready with a whole house generator. 

They may not have it on their must have list, but once they see it has it will certainly have them consider the advantages. 

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