CES 2013: Moen’s Smart Faucet helps you save water, while curbing spread of germs

moen smart faucet


From the biggest to the smallest of all technological advancements, this year’s CES, is definitely making the rounds and picking fast pace amongst technology buffs. And, now there is the all new Smart kitchen Faucet for all housewives, who wish to work conveniently, while also saving every precious drop of water.

We’re talking here about the all new faucet by Moen, which will be available to consumers in three different modes and three separate finishes. The first mode gets activated when the user taps a hand against the base, where water will only stream below the spout. This means that every time you place a glass of water under the tap, it will fill without wasting any water, unless of course you lift it back in time.

The second mode gets activated when you wave a hand above the faucet. Very useful in case you ever need to wash dirty hands, without spilling germs on the water tap. Also, this gesture allows you to save a lot while multitasking. The water quickly turns off as soon as you lift the hand away from the tap.

Finally, there’s the conventional manual mode, where like other ordinary taps, you turn the lever around for a pour of water and vice versa.

And, while motion sensors are nothing new to the modern world, we’ve all seen many faucets that run on the motion of hands; this technology simply takes the mechanics one step ahead for the future.

The faucet is available in the market for $399, you can get one for your home or your office right away, and show your smart management of water to every visitor.


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