CTA Digital intros iPotty: An advanced potty that integrates Apple’s iPad!

iPotty for iPad

iPotty for iPad

The combination of iPads and potties can seem to be a far fetched idea to some. However, the chimes of CES brings the best out of many tech designers and companies. In regard to this innovative scope, we have come across a vivaciously colored plastic potty from CTA Digital. And, it is not just another drab potty training propaganda; this device actually integrates a full fledged Apple iPad to digitally entice your lavatory repelled brats.

The $40 ‘iPotty’ (obviously, doesn’t include the iPad) is constructed from modular plastic components that can be individually detached to felicitate the cleaning process. And, since we are talking about cleaning, the iPad also has its own set of ‘protection’ in the form of a plastic sheets that prevents those filthy splashes on the costly screen. Other structural components include a seat that covers the commode and a separate pee guard for the male toddlers.

Finally, coming to the contraption functionality, we would guess that there isn’t any specialized app made exclusively for the iPotty. However, there are options in the ever thriving realm of Apple’s app store that can hold the attention span of your child, while he/she is civilly attending the  nature’s call.

iPotty for iPad

Via: CNet

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