Chef’n Pop Top to enjoy homemade popcorn without leaving any trash

Pop Top reusable microwave popcorn bowl_1

Microwave popcorns you get from the market taste superb and are convenient to make too but leave you with the guilt of throwing that paper microwave friendly bag in the trash. You cannot help it because it is meant to be there for a single use, so you cannot do anything but throw it off. On the other hand is the Pop Top, a superb creation of the Chef’n.

Pop Top enables you to enjoy homemade popcorn without any guilt, as after making popcorns in Pop Top you can use it again. A red colored silicone thing looks just too classy and is usable too. It enables you to make popcorns at home without experiencing the fuss, which you otherwise undergo when you cannot find a suitable utensil to make popcorn at home.

Two qualities that make Pop Top even more popular is its resistance to high heat and it is dishwasher safe. High heat resistance means you need not worry about this silicone reusable bag while it is in the microwave. It looks so attractive something like a magic box, and secondly it is fun to make popcorns in it, owing to its super easy instructions.

Pop Top makes up to ten cups of popcorn at a go. You need to put kernels in the Pop Top and can also add some butter or vegetable oil according to your taste. Now fold in all the triangles and put the silicone bag in the microwave for two minutes. As kernels pop and reach the top, the bag opens on its own inside the microwave. Take it out, enjoy munching popcorn and then put the silicone bag for a wash in dishwasher. Whenever you feel the urge again, you can use the same bag and enjoy yet another popcorn snacking.

Via: Gizmodo / Chefn

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