Count on CI Toaster as lasting and dependable appliance

CI Toaster by Daniel Deyermond_2

Designed by Danil Deyermond, the CI Toaster is a new age toaster that ensures longevity. One thing that motivated Daniel to come up with such a unique design is the fact that human beings over consume resources that our planet can actually sustain. He says we humans use 50 percent more resources than the actual capacity of our planet, and if the same consumption pattern continues for long then soon our planet will be unable to support human life.

So he wanted to do something to solve this problem and thus, come up with the innovative design of CI toaster. The best part is that the users can repair the toaster when it breaks down, rather than throwing it in the trash. The special design of this toaster includes three modules. If one of the modules breaks down, you can repair it and for the time being can use the other two modules.

While comparing this CI toaster with other traditional toasters, it has a long life, which is in contrast to some traditional toasters that once conk off and you cannot repair them again. Product’s long life means users can use it for years, without any need for buying a new one that increases burden on the already scarce resources on our planet.

It is too easy to use, as you can pull the tray out, place bread slices in it and then push it back. Disassembling and then putting back all parts is also very easy. You can pull out all the three modules with absolute ease and put them back with minimum fuss. Placing bread slices on the module and taking them out is not a problem, as slices do not tear or stick on the side frames.

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