Couleur Nouveau: A paint bucket-like wine container specially made for Beaujolis nouveau

Couleur Nouveau_1

Wine critic Karen MacNeil has once compared the drinking of the red wine Beaujolis nouveau to eating cooking dough. In fact, the wine variety is known for both its low fermentation period of just a few weeks and its instant consumption pattern like perishable baked items. Considering this ‘commercial‘ nature of the wine, McCann Vilnius has created a tongue-in-cheek packaging for the Beaujolis nouveau, which entails a paint bucket-like embodiment from which the liquor can be easily poured.

The concept behind this limited edition ‘Couleur Nouveau’ packaging plays on the Beaujolis nouveau’s puerile ability to coat your tongue and lips with a color of purple. To that end, the container with its typical paint label has instructions on the requirement of glasses that would endow the vividly purple hue.

Of course, the so-touted Beaujolis nouveau day is still months off, with the main event occurring every third Tuesday of November. But then again, you wouldn’t surely need an excuse to pop open a bot…sorry paint bucket of the freshly fermented purple-pink wine.

Couleur Nouveau_2 Couleur Nouveau_3 Couleur Nouveau_4

Via: PackagingOfTheWorld

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