Craftsman Locking Pegboard System for organizing your heavier tools

Craftsman Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System_1

Pegboards are all well and good for hanging those tiny handheld tools. But what about showing some love to the heavier stuff, like your trusty battery-driven blower or the favorite robust shovel? Well, the above pictured Craftsman Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System comes to your rescue during such a predicament – with the board’s boisterous capacity to account for a wide range of items.

In simpler terms, the Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System combines the advantages of a pegboard’s easy organization with the obvious durability of a Craftsman contrivance. The ‘craftsmanship’ of this brand is upheld by the industrial strength LocHook hardware that are fixed to a sturdy steel board.

Craftsman Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System_2

This board in itself comprises of a host of deftly punctured square-shaped perforations that are spread over an extended facade – to make space for a variety of heavy tools. This structural scope is accompanied by an epoxy finish, thus bolstering the steel with excellent hardness and better weather resistance.

So, if you are enticed by the scope of having arguably the world’s strongest pegboard, do check out the Craftsman online retail store, with pricing fixed at $50, and availability limited in two colors – black and red.

Craftsman Heavy-Duty Locking Pegboard System_3

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