11 gadgets to make your room your most favourite place

The choice in gadgets is bewildering. Each one claiming to make our homes more hi-tech and extra comfortable. The fact of the matter is that there are a host of designers and engineers determined to make our lives and existence more meaningful. If you have the moolah, there is no limit to the comforts you can buy today.

We today have for you a list of eleven must-have gadgets that will make your room the most favorite place in the entire world.

 1. The Google Chromecast

 It is the most affordable way to watch NetFlix on your TV. The new HDMI dongle from Google can be plugged straight into the HDMI Port of a TV. It is capable of streaming Youtube and other videos from the Chrome browser itself. Just sync your smartphone and adopt the most happening streaming solution for your room. Priced at just $35, it’s not a bad deal.

Google Chromecast_1

2. The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

If you are one of those people who has a love for plants and gardening, then this gadget is sure to impress you. Priced at $149 it is a value buy all the way. The Koubachi is a plant sensor with Wi-Fi, that is capable of monitoring the health of your potted plants.

The Koubachi is synced with a free app on the smart phone that actually sends a notification when a plant needs water, light or change of temperature. It also has data on almost 411 plants and their growing needs.

The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor_2

3. The Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Euphori Lock

How we wish that we could keep our bucket of Ben & Jerry’s safe from other home occupants. Well, you need not fret anymore; lock it up with the Euphori Lock. Priced at $6.64, it sure locks in the flavor and your will power.


4.Nest the Learning Thermostat

We recommend the Nest is the must-have thermostat for a having a final say on your home’s micro-climate. Priced at $249, it is a one-time value investment. The heating bill will come down instantly and the unused air conditioning will not be a concern anymore.

The device is smart enough to learn the users schedule in a week and program itself to keep the internal home temperature in control. The installation is simple and you can control it with your smartphone too. A promise to cut the bill by 20% is sure worth considering.

Nest the Learning Thermostat_4

5. The Headband to listen to TV

Are you tired of earplugs and headphones that start hurting after some time? Try the $150 headband that has wireless speakers integrated in them. They look extra comfy and can be worn even while lying in bed. And since they are developed by Hammacher Schlemmer, they are sure to be a hit.

The headband is made of very soft fleece and the speakers are ultra thin. They actually have a Bluetooth transmitter that can be connected to the TV.

The Headband to listen to TV_5

6. The WAT Lamp

This is an interesting light design, and is sure to catch the attention of whoever enters the room. The lamp amazingly runs on water, thus alluding to an outstanding futuristic home appliance.

The water fuels a hydroelectric battery that in turn is powered by the electrochemical reaction. Unfortunately, the pricing is not available since the design is still in its conceptual stage.

The WAT Lamp_6

 7. Handpresso – The Hand-Held Espresso Maker

You wont need to get up from bed for a cup of coffee after this. Just order yourself a Handpresso and make café type drinks in the privacy of your room.

It fits in your palm and pushes hot water at 16psi pressure through coffee grounds. Priced at $78, it is worth every penny you pay for it (since this is coffee-making we are talking about).


8The Chilipad

Some of us spend most of your nights tugging at the blanket or fighting with the partner over the mattress getting too warm or chilly.

This mattress pad has individual settings, and allows each partner to heat or cool their side according to their choice. At $399 it is a tad pricey, but surely worth the state of ‘domestic peace’.

The Chilipad_8

9. The Audio Technica AT – LP120-USB

In these times a room is incomplete without a top notch vinyl player. A turntable ensures that you enjoy your own company and your favorite music, without any interruption.

It is extremely adjustable and also has a USB port. The speed is accurate and your LP records will love it. The S-shaped tone arm and the anti skate adjustment are just some of its USP’s. It is completely MAC and PC compatible. At $249 it is an investment for life.


10. Jawbone Up24

Your health and fitness will get a super boost with this fitness tracker from Jawbone. The UP24 promises to be a revamped version, without the flaws of the earlier versions. The wireless syncing is superb, although the model looks similar to the previous ones.

The headphone jack has been enhanced form 2mm to 3.5mm. Perfect for regular and daily use, it is super comfortable so much so that you even forget that you are wearing it. Furthermore, the readings on sleep and motion are precise. It is priced at $100.

Jawbone Up24_10

 11. Bamboo tablets

Bamboo tablets are the in-thing. The cutting edge technology, along with the modern and sophisticated design, is backed by an intuition-based usage. The multi-touch functionality allows the user to break all boundaries of creativity.

The design is ultra slim, the grip is soft to touch and efficient left and right hand use. This tablet is for people who like to be different, and use gadgets with personality and expression. At $64.95, the product has got rave reviews from all quarters.

Bamboo tablets_11

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