Crystal Wash 2.0 balls ‘naturally’ washes your clothes without the aid of detergents

Crystal Wash 2.0_1

Concerned about toxic chemicals and obtrusive dyes seeping into your newly washed clothes? Well, the above pictured Crystal Wash 2.0 balls allows for a ‘Utopian’ scenario by ‘naturally’ changing the pH level of water to above 8.5. In essence, these bio-ceramic pellets make the water alkaline – thus turning into solution that can organically clean your clothes without the aid of detergent chemicals and dyes.

To that end, each ball is designed to be used for over a whopping 1,000 wash cycles – that would cost around $300 for conventional chemicals. However, the Crystal Wash 2.0 does so with just a $50 budget, while additionally releasing Hydrogen Peroxide into the water that eliminates skin-irritant bacteria (and germs) and mitigates the release of harmful components into the environment.

Crystal Wash 2.0_2

There is also the electronic side of affairs to whole ‘crystal washing ‘scope, with each ball requiring a charge after around 30 washing cycles. The charging can be done off the grid, by just placing the balls under direct sunlight.

Furthermore, users can get updates and alerts on their smartphones relating to the alkalinity of water, completion of a wash cycle, and even modes of energy savings. The relevant data is collected by sensors and a micro-controller embedded inside the Crystal Ball that can easily connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

So, if you are sufficiently enticed by the ambit of natural cleaning without the intrusion of chemicals, dyes and perfumes – do give a gander at the already successful Kickstarter campaign, with pledges starting from $50 for a Crystal Wash 2.0 ball. Crystal Wash 2.0 washes clothes wihout detergents

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