Soybots: A plant-based robot that autonomously moves close to its light source

Soybots By Purdue University Professors_1

Robot, botany and artwork – these three words are seldom used together in a single sentence. However, the Soybots: Mobile Micro-Gardens makes that possible with the design’s combination of artificial intelligence and installation credentials.

Created by Purdue University professors, the Soybots basically entails a soy plant atop a mobile platform which is further embedded with light sensors.

The other interesting part of this ‘artwork’ is its time-based credentials. In other words, the installation changes its position over time, with its dynamic route dictated by the location of the light source. And while the plant-based robot moves, it also transmits its data (from sensors) and positional coordinates (from GPS) to a special interface along its gallery – which the visitors can easily see.

This can certainly generate a bit of hubbub and discussions among patrons as to how robotics and computing can potentially aid in the field of agriculture. Anyhow, the Soybots in question will be demonstrated at the “Balance/Unbalance: Water, Climate and Place. Re-imagining Environments” exhibition at Arizona State University, starting from March.

Soybots By Purdue University Professors_2

Via: Nanowerk

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