DIY ‘EP16 Concrete Planter’ doubles up as your beer cooler

concrete planter

Yesterday, we talked about modular planters that can be arranged as flexible gardens. And, now we have come across a DIY mobile concrete planter with wheels that can also be used as your beer cooler!

Molded by using a salvaged kitchen cabinet, the EP16 Concrete Planter project required some heavy duty materials including XPS rigid foam boards (for the inside cavity), sturdy metal casters, scrap plywood, plastic wheels (rubber is optional) and brass pipe for drainage. The DIYer also made use of a chrome spigot that could improve upon the process of draining, while also giving the planter the much needed industrial look.

Of course, as we mentioned before, the best part about the EP16 Concrete Planter is its advantage of easy mobility by virtue of its wheels. This very same accompaniment makes the hollow block fit for doing your drinks-cooler duties, especially during those big parties where beverages and portability are of paramount importance. You can check the entire DIY process by following this HomeMade-Modern link.

Via: HomeMade-Modern

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