DIY Steampunk Toothbrush Timer shows your optimized brushing period!

DIY Steampunk Toothbrush Timer_1

If you like both Steampunk and taking care of your teeth, you would surely love this pictured brass hued contraption. Looking like a tray with glasses perched atop a box-like thing; in reality, it is a DIY Steampunk Toothbrush Timer that ‘visually’ indicates when you are done with your optimized brushing period.

Comprising of an assortment of components that includes a┬ámicro-controller, a weight sensor, small light bulbs, brass cups, a tray, an alarm clock’s chime, and finally a wooden base; the ingeniously crafted device works by just measuring the weight on the scale. For example, if the weight goes below 3 g, the timer gets activated along with all the bulbs. Now, with the passing of every 20 seconds one of the bulbs gets turned off (so, in 60 seconds, all of them are turned off in a sequential manner). And, after 2 whole minutes, the alarm clock’s chime is struck which denotes the end of your optimized brushing period. After this, the effective cool down period starts – when you can once again keep your toothbrush on the scale (thus safely raising the weight over 3 g).

And, we did mention that the whole scope is actually DIY in nature. So, in case you are interested in contriving one, you can always follow these instructions along with the whole code work.

Via: WonderHowTo

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