Drink E-Z automated drinking cup showcases its quirky side

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Hangover causes constant dry mouth, but your body is probably too tired to ensure adequate intake of fluids. Certain post-surgery procedures limit normal body movement and can even render you unable to suck-up liquids on your own.

One out of every ten cases of hospitalization of older people in the United-States is due to dehydration. Elderly people require regular re-hydration, but being too old and feeble, some may find this task a nightmare. The solution to all these problems is present in Drink E-Z, an automated battery powered drinking cup that needs zero effort from your end to actually drink anything.

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Reminding us of the Whale mechanism, the cup designed by Damjan Madjar, basically has 4 parts: body, base, lid and straw. The base contains a micro pump that is powered by 3 AA batteries. Just press and hold the button on the side, and the liquid will automatically flow up via the straw.

To attach the body to the base, you need to twist the two together slightly. When inserted inside the cup, the straw clips onto a nipple located at the bottom. The lid can then be secured tightly in place. The plastic used to make the cup is BPA free and dishwasher-safe.

There are certain DOs and DON’Ts as regards to the kind of liquid that can drunk from Drink E-Z. Juices, milk, chocolate milk, water, tea and coffee are no problem at all. It is only when you consider drinking home-made smoothies and milk shakes that you may have an issue. It really depends on the individual viscosity of the drink as the tiny pump fails to operate when the liquid is too thick.

Now coming to the actual utility of Drink E-Z, the British Columbia Based creator seems to have exaggerated just a bit. While it can indeed prove to be very useful for the elderly and the bedridden, the healthy among us surely do not need a battery driven pump to be able to drink something. And well, the creator’s claim that it can help prevent facial wrinkles is just too good to be true.

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Indiegogo is currently helping Damjan Madjar collect funds from all over the world for the Drink E-Z campaign.

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