Fajno’s Detail Lamp can now transform your child’s room into a castle

Detail lamp by Fajno Design_1

Doesn’t every little girl wish she was a princess and had her own castle? She would be sitting at the piano, in her exquisite evening gown with delicate lace trim, in a room glowing magnificently with the light of a huge chandelier. With the detail lamp from Fajno Design of Belarus, you can now have a miniature chandelier right in your own room.

The Lamp is made up of several small pieces of wood in the shape of candles, which can be easily assembled into a design of your choice and in keeping with the interiors of your room. Perforated wooden rings of decreasing sizes are also provided to create the basic structure of the chandelier. You further have the choice of replacing the wooden candles with mini Christmas trees or even rockets.

The Detail Lamp is quick and easy to assemble, and your children will definitely have a field day trying to recreate the original design. Unlike the actual chandelier, this one doesn’t come with the headache of scraping candle wax off the floor.

Fajno has also designed some incredibly detailed and exceptionally beautiful modern children’s rooms, which they call Young Flat and MyMi. Well then what are you waiting for? Surprise your child on her next birthday with her very own castle, complete with a chandelier, right in her own room.

Via Fajnodesign

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