Elastigenic bathroom retracts giving way to smooth surface for easy cleaning

Elastigenic bathroom concept by Petr Strejcek

Symmetrically-designed bathroom accessory is a pleasure to the eyes, but regular-shaped bathware comes with danger of sharp edges and limited accessibility. To prevent hazards of undesirable cracks and sharp corners in contemporary bathrooms and increase convenience, student designer Petr Strejcek of Czech Technical University’s, Faculty of Architecture has developed Elastigenic bathroom concept from elastic fabric.

Elastigenic bathroom is made from elastic material, which can be used to create anything from a bathtub to sink and from shower and towel racks – just anything you’d want in the bathroom. The bath accessories made from the elastic fabric can return to smooth surface (or retract) to minimizing hazards allied with shrill edges of bath accessories, which are precarious to aged users and kids. Once the structures are pulled back to the level of the floor, space is cleared and is easily washable.

The overall experience of Elastigenic bathroom concept is totally fascinating; the very sight of bathroom accessories forming out of the floor seems surreal. Thanks to a telescopic mechanism embedded within the bathroom surface, the objects can open and retract easily on user’s command, thus altering the space occupied by individual objects frequently to present a new bathroom space every time.

Elastigenic bathroom was awarded first place in the Axor H2O story competition and was recently exhibited to public at Designblok.

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