The Genie smart lock is touted to have an year of battery life

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It might sound a tad unfair of us, but there is a certain over-saturation of smart lock products in the current electronic market for home-based security devices. And, when they are many similar designs, it takes innovation to stand out from the crowd. The Genie smart lock follows this simple dictum of business, with its nifty flair of usability. The convenience of usage is directly related to the enhanced battery life of the remote device – which is touted be more than an year!

When it comes to the conventional remotely controlled smart locks, most of their power is expended on checking for a WiFi signal. In other words, the gizmo needs to ping and connect to an internet network for command updates in slotted intervals of few seconds. This tends to drain a lot of power – thus significantly reducing the battery life.

The Genie on the other hand, boasts of its very own communication hub that directly connects to your home-based router. This bridges the gap between the network and the lock, while the communication is made through the relatively energy-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy. In essence, the WiFi signal pinging is powered by your home’s grid, while the battery only needs to juice up the Bluetooth connection.

Of course, the scope also entails the incorporation of an additional hub that might put pressure on your existing paraphernalia of devices depending on the home network. The preference is obviously left to the consumer, with the Genie smart lock being already available for pre-order (retailing expected to commence by end of this year), with future crowdfunding plans to back up the commercial ambit.

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Via: TechCrunch

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