Fengjing’s remarkable Upside Down House – A potential gold mine for tourists

Upside down house by Fengjing in China_1

The Chinese town of Fengjing (in Shanghai’s Jinshan District) despite its small size, is known for its stone bridges, water canals and exhibition of folk art. And, now the modest town can boast of its contemporary albeit quirky landmark in the form of the incredible upside down house.

As we can make from the images, the entire embodiment of the house has been constructed in a ridiculously converse position. The oddity of the external facades also continues in the interiors with the 180 degrees overturned layouts and furniture.

And as expected, there is quite a bit of hullabaloo over the the grand opening of the upside down, which should take place in the late part of April. In fact, throngs of visitors are already reported to be pouring in to take a satisfying peek at the eccentric piece of architecture.

Upside down house by Fengjing in China_3 Upside down house by Fengjing in China_4


Upside down house by Fengjing in China_2

Via: ChinaDailyAsia

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