First-time home buyers: five top tips

first time home buyers

The excitement surrounding buying your very first home can be overshadowed by feelings of stress and worry. However, these emotions can be alleviated somewhat if you follow our top five tips.

Do your research properly

Walking into a house, you usually encounter overwhelming positive or negative feelings immediately. This instant response will help lead us to make our final decision as to whether the property is the one for us. However, even after thinking you have discovered the dream home, you must not allow yourself to get carried away. A full survey will reveal any potential problems and things that need urgent attention regarding the structure and safety of the building. Additionally, it would be worthwhile to visit the house and neighborhood on several occasions. This allows you to see the area at different times of the day. If you are already considering an extension, contact local builders to find out how much money that is likely to cost.

Shop around for your mortgage

When it comes to securing a mortgage, it is vital to seek independent financial advice. That way you know it is not biased information given. It is always best to shop around when looking for a mortgage deal. Some allow you to take mortgage holidays in the event of a family emergency or job loss, for example. You may wish to choose a set interest rate for a certain period. The financial advisor will be able to give you further details as to the advantages and disadvantages of these. 

Plan your move carefully

Prior to the big day, there will be a large amount of packing required, but it does not stop there. Check out this moving house checklist that you can print and use to ensure you have not forgotten a thing. It is handily divided into things you can do up two months before the move all the way up to the actual day itself. In addition to these things, we would also recommend creating a box that contains key items. You will be desperate for a hot drink after an exhausting moving day, so keep tea bags, mugs, kettle, teaspoons and a packet of your favorite cookies into the container and put it in your car rather than the removals vehicle.

Unpack room by room

Do not be tempted to try to do too much at once. It can be overwhelming to see so many boxes piled up in your first home. However, it is important to unpack room by room. That way you will be able to focus on one thing without worrying about something else (that is the hope anyway). While many hands are said to make light work, it is best to restrict the number of people doing the unpacking to ensure you know where everything is. 

Take photographs

You will no doubt wish to do lots to your first home even if it is decorated tastefully and to a high standard. Therefore, we wish to encourage you to take photographs of what it looked like when you moved in (preferably before the boxes arrived). Keep a record of all the changes you make along the way. Memories are made in your homes, so images can help keep them alive. 

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