Fixie Pizza Cutter mimics a bike, and that is the only ‘healthy’ thing about it

Fixie Pizza Cutter_1

Biking seems to be all the rage, especially when it comes to the realm of fitness conscious urban dwellers. So, why not bring the flavor of the season into your kitchen? Well, doiy certainly believes in such a commercial scope, as is evident from their adorable Fixie Pizza Cutter, a perfect little kitchen accessory mimicking those urbane bicycles.

The wheels of the Fixie Pizza Cutter are presumably designed in such a way so as to smoothly cut through the pizza dough. The vibrant visuals complement this simple functionality, thus hinting at the cosmopolitan flair of the accessory.

Of course, eating pizza is not so much of a healthy habit as biking, but the occasional ‘pig out’ sessions shouldn’t be missed on account of just fleeting fitness. Moreover, the Fixie Pizza Cutters are available in two delectable color combinations – the Watermelon in mint and pink, and the Bumblebee in black and yellow. Such levels of vivacity do make for a fun evening, with the indubitable combo of pizza and friends by your side.

Fixie Pizza Cutter_4 Fixie Pizza Cutter_2 Fixie Pizza Cutter_3

Price – €17.95 (around $24.75). For buying online, please refer to the doiy product page.

Via: EMag

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