Foot-powered washing machine made up of recycled materials

Foot-powered washing machine_1

We can see that technology is advancing and changing in a rapid pace but designers deserves applaud as they are taking equal interest and initiatives to introduce designs those are unique and do not rely much on technology. Aaron Stathum and Eliot Coven, industrial design students at the Philadelphia University have developed a washing machine that will cost, not more than $4. This washing machine is different as its made up of recycled materials more on that it’s human-powered and won’t need electricity to operate.

Designers used 5-gallon bucket, plastic fiber rope, old water pipes, and a neoprene cover to make this finished product. Easy to assemble this human powered washing machine works with a simple mechanism. If anything goes wrong, it won’t be a costly and time consuming affair to fix this machine. It can prove itself a very useful asset to the people residing in remote areas where there is limited access to electricity and life is more dependent on human power.

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Via: Aaronstathum/Ecochunk

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