MEET-RO Chair made up of rolled newspapers to store newspaper and to make you sit upon

MEET-RO Chair made up of rolled newspaper_5


Designer George Hexton from Nottingham, United Kingdom has come up with this out of box design idea, which is environment- friendly as well as made up of easily available material. Have you ever thought to build a chair from newspaper, Sounds interesting? Referred as MEET-RO Chair, designed using rolled up newspaper to make a base as it is rigid and have the capacity to carry weight.

To hold up newspapers tightly in a rolled up position the edges were hot gunned glued and designer used same mechanism to make a low back on this chair as to make the base of it. What makes this MEET-RO Chair more different is that it has the storage space in-between where newspapers can be placed and taken out to read while sitting on this chair.

MEET-RO Chair is perfect for restaurants and bars where they can also be used as storage for newspaper. One can simply hide the newspaper in seat itself and can pull newspaper to read it while sitting on this chair. Newspaper are hidden within the chair structure without causing any discomfort to the user and the chair structure stays strong and rigid. Designer thought lot about to make this furniture design just a stool or turn it to a chair. Finally he decided to add a small back to the design and make it useful product that adds decor around your space.

Thanks, George Hexton

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