Geonic Shower works by principle of water dripping through cave stalactites!

Geonic Shower by Florian M. Witt

Geonic Shower by Florian M. Witt

We have come across a variety of bathroom oriented designs that are either convenient by virtue of their complex working mechanisms or are hi-tech by application of their electronic paraphernalia. Anyhow, this time around we have fortunately stumbled by the Geonic Shower (by Florian M. Witt), whose mechanism is based on a remarkable system which is completely different from conventional hollow pipe supplied showers. This interesting mechanism in question actually utilizes the geological principle of water dripping from those stalactite structures found inside natural caves. So, in essence, the water in Geonic Shower flows along and across the solid surfaces by the physical action of natural adhesion (as opposed to water flowing ‘through’ a pipe). This water finally leaves the shower head by the force of gravitational pull, thus giving the user a natural rain like showering session.

Geonic Shower by Florian M. Witt

Now, the question may arise on how this mechanism is advantageous to the conventional pipe oriented showers? Well, the advantages are two fold. Firstly from the perspective of usage pattern, the Geonic Shower only requires a solid component for the ‘water flow’, as the core mechanism eschews any kind of piping and nozzles. This opens up many shower head material options for the users, like exquisite marble and porcelain, or even something elegant like cherry wood. Secondly and more importantly, no hollow pipe structures and nozzles mean that there is no chance of any kind of blockage or intrusion by limescale or harmful bacterial growth.

Furthermore, the absence of hollow pipes alludes to the non requirement of a seal between the water supply line and the shower head. In this regard, the easily detachable shower can be fixed to your ceiling pipe by just a magnetic component. And finally, as far as bathroom ambiance goes, the extra space within the shower head (emerging because of the non-existence of pipes) can be used for integrating some lighting fixture that smartly illuminates your bathroom.

Thanks, Florian M. Witt

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