How Much Does a Pest Control Service Cost?

wasp nest on window

Pests such as cockroaches, termites, and ants invite themselves into homes they deem suitable living spaces. Insects aren’t as picky as humans when choosing a home. As long as they can escape the sweltering heat or the bitter cold of your region and food is in ample supply, your home or apartment will become these disease-ridden pests’ new home base. 

Before the household realizes these pests have infiltrated their territory, they’ll have multiplied and spread throughout the home, leaving a financially-draining and time-consuming problem on their hands. However, don’t be alarmed as pest control providers like this one for example can come to the rescue and protect your loved ones from disease-transmitting and property-damaging pests. 

If you’re wondering how much these treatment services will cost, review the article below for more insights on what price tag you should expect.

DIY Pest Control

DIY pest control seems like a viable option. It’s cheap, convenient, and all the necessary tools and ingredients can be found online or at your local home improvement store. DIY pest control options eradicate common household pests such as ants, roaches, and rodents with equipment such as roach motels, fly ropes, ant traps, and glue traps. In some cases, these DIY solutions promise complete pest elimination, yet ultimately waste time and money as these infestations continue to worsen. DIY pest control options daily in comparison to professional service.

Professional pest control service cost

Hiring professional pest control services ensures that insects don’t inflict further damage to your home. Pest control becomes necessary when you accept the reality that pests transmit potentially life-threatening diseases, leave behind urine and feces, cause odors, and create other nuisances. Don’t turn a blind eye to your household infestations. Contact a professional pest control service right away to minimize the risk of damage and alleviate any anxieties.

On average, the cost of a professional pest control provider ranges from $100 to $600. The type of pest being treated impacts the price, along with the size of the property, treatment type, and even the season. In the grand scheme of things, these pest control services’ cost is a small price to pay to eradicate pests from your home and gain much-needed peace of mind that your home is safe from life-threatening household pests.

One-time service and contract service is available if you can’t afford regular treatments. However, one-time service costs are usually higher than routine services. Unfortunately, pests are more challenging to treat when professionals don’t regularly service the home. The more severe an infestation, the more impossible it is to treat with a one-time service. As a general rule-of-thumb, expect higher costs to treat a severe infestation, regardless of the home’s size or property type.

As part of their treatment services, pest control companies locate nests, seal entry points, and exterminate the pest on site. Treating household nuisances like ants and rodents at the source ensures complete elimination, which is why DIY treatments often fail. Despite these initial high costs, a professional pest control service is well worth the investment. 

Regular maintenance protects the home against pests that just won’t take no for an answer. Home intruders such as cockroaches and termites are relentless and will return to your home time and time again to feast on available food sources. 

The sooner, the better

Adopt a the-sooner-the-better approach to pest control. Delay treatment and the number of pests infesting your home will increase. In just one month, a single roach can produce as many as 1,800 offspring. In that same period, a mouse can produce five baby mice, who will later birth offspring of their own. After one month, you could have 80 mice scurrying around your home. Now imagine how severe an infestation could become if left untreated for a year.

The larger the infestation, the harder the pest problem will be to treat. Expect higher pest control costs if there is an extensive infestation. Every delay in a service call results in a higher number of pests in your home. Call professionals at the first sign of a pest problem to keep treatment simple and the costs low.

Damages pests can cause

The type of damage caused by pests differs from one insect to the next. Some pests cause more harm than others, as they directly impact the health of your loved ones. Because cockroaches transmit diseases, they can affect both our health and well-being if these pests infect our food sources or spread bacteria throughout our home. Here are a few examples of household damage you might encounter based on the type of pest.


Mice leave their fecal matter on countertops, floors, and even in your food. Along with spreading bacteria-ridden fecal matter, these mice will invade your pantries and snack on crumbs and unsealed food sources. Mice also damage clothing and papers, chew through electrical wiring, and damage your home’s structure. Worst of all, this pest leaves a terrible odor in the house and carries diseases they can transmit to humans.


Termites munch through the wood of the home in search of cellulose. Because termites prey on your home’s wooden structures, they can cause thousands of dollars in damages in a matter of months.


Cockroaches carry disease and spread these bacteria to your loved ones through their feces. These pests drop their feces wherever they travel in the home. They also cause unpleasant odors, eat food, and create a nuisance for homeowners.

Final thoughts

While a stray ant or occasional roach may seem harmless, it may indicate a larger population of pests thriving in your living spaces. When it comes to pest control, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

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