What to Do When You Find Ants in the Kitchen

ant line on stairs

Before the first sight of a wandering ant sets off alarm bells, take a deep breath and relax knowing you can eradicate these household pests in a pinch. Ants are stubborn and often difficult to exterminate, making the thought of an ant infestation nerve-wracking to the average homeowner. 

Whether you choose to treat ants using at-home treatment methods or recruit the expertise of trained pest control experts like this one, rectifying the problem is entirely possible. If you discover ants in the kitchen, here’s how you should proceed to achieve a pest-free home.

Clean your kitchen

A clean kitchen keeps ants and other pests out of your home. If you spot ants in the kitchen, it’s time to scrub the countertops and floors thoroughly to remove any food residue or loose crumbs that may attract these household pests. Note that ants infiltrate your home in search of food. These pests especially enjoy sweets, but they’ll scavenge for any leftovers to satiate their hunger. 

For a quick bite to eat, these ants will scour your home for areas where food is readily available. Even the tiniest crumb can attract an ant and its entire colony inside your home. Because the average ant colony consists of thousands of individual ants, imagine how severe an ant infestation can become if you don’t clean and sanitize your kitchen regularly.

To achieve a pest-free home, wipe down the stove, table, microwave, etc. after each use. Mop the floors every couple of days or sooner if you notice spills or food on the floor. Clean up spills immediately, whether it’s a tiny spill on the floor or a leak in the trash can. Ensure you clean countertops, ranges, microwaves, etc. every couple of days. Mop floors each night, and don’t forget to empty the trash before it overflows. For optimal results, clean the can itself weekly to prevent rotten food from collecting at the bottom of your trash bin.

Clean the kitchen using a half-water-half-vinegar solution to sanitize effectively. Take time to thoroughly clean the kitchen every day if you want to eliminate ants roaming around your home.

However, a clean kitchen is only half the battle to successful ant elimination. Although cleaning the kitchen considerably reduces the presence of ants in the kitchen, you’ll need to harness the power of pesticides to eradicate existing pests and attain long-term results.

DIY ant treatments

Ant baits contain a toxic chemical that lures in ants. They’ll rush into the ant bait, eat the chemical, and end their life cycle. Because they operate under a colony mentality, these ants break off tiny bits of the ant bait to return to their colony to share with the others. Ant baits quickly eliminate even large infestations. 

Unlike other pricey pest control methods, these ant baits will cost around a few dollars at your local home improvement store. Most households find ant baits a successful solution to an infestation, while these DIY solutions may not suffice for other properties. Luckily, other pest-control solutions can resolve an ant problem in the kitchen if ant baits combined with cleaning don’t yield satisfactory results.

Ant spray is sold at home improvement stores and online for a few dollars per bottle. This spray is applied directly to ants and their colonies and kills them on contact. Some ant sprays are toxic to animals and children, so carefully read all labels before buying an ant spray. Choose a product that’s labeled as safe and non-toxic to prevent accidental poisonings in your household.

Many home remedies also treat ants in the kitchen. Research some possible home remedies that feature ingredients already stocked in your pantry or fridge for ants. Even if you don’t have vinegar, cinnamon, or cayenne pepper on hand, you can purchase these items at your local supermarkets and online retailers, all for under $10. 

Call professional pest control providers

Exterminators understand ants, their lifecycle, and their habits. Most importantly, they know how to treat the pest if it gains access to your home. If DIY methods don’t suffice or if you want added protection against ants, call a professional at the first sign of trouble. If you contact a pest control provider as soon as you notice the early signs of an infestation, exterminating these ants will be hassle-free. Even if the infestation has progressed beyond a certain severity level, it’s still possible to resolve an extensive infestation.

Professional exterminators can employ one or more treatment methods to rid your home of ants and ward them off for good. Remember, pest control service costs will vary depending on factors like the treatment type and your property’s size. While professional ant treatment costs more than DIY options, you’ll get what you pay for. Ants are a nuisance and a threat to any family home. Protect your property with the help of professional pest control providers.

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