How to build Handy Under Sink Storage Trays all by yourself

Build Handy Under Sink Storage Tray

The storage space under the sink is often the most neglected area in the kitchen. Most of us feel that it can’t be put to good use as it looks dingy and dark all the time. Make it worthwhile  by installing roll out storage trays here.

These under sink trays work smoothly on ball bearing glides. This project might look tricky but can be easily completed on a Sunday. The totla expenses of this project are a little over $70. Make a list of supplies before you plan a trip to the home center or the lumber yard. It is a smart idea to buy 2x4ft of pieces of wooden sheets instead of the full sheet. You should also go for plywood in hardwood as both the sides will be flatter and smother. The soft wood plywood will pinch your pocket and is only smooth on one side.

Both a saw and a nail gun are not necessary, if you don’t have one at home. But since the area is very compact, try and stick to exact measurements. Let’s start with the project –

1. Take precise measurements of the opening of the cabinet and keep in mind of any plumbing fixtures. The base should be cut at least 1/4th inch smaller than the base.

2. Using a scale to mark the center of the base and mark two clear side partitions.

3. Now the partitions need to be clamped to the base. Drill some holes and fix the partitions to the base. Use good quality glue and No.8 screws.

4.Fasten the sides of the trays now. Accuracy is very critical here or else they won’t glide in and out smoothly. Follow the same procedure of drilling nails and fixing the sides with glue.

5. The glides need to be fixed now on to the partitions and the sides of the trays. You will need a spacer here in order to ensure that the glides are positioned perfectly.

6.The base of this assembly needs to be fixed inside the cabinet, by drilling holes into the floor of the cabinet. Check to ensure that it is steady and firm.

7. You won’t need glides for the upper trays. Just cut them smaller and fix them by drilling holes and gluing them right onto the inside of the doors of the cabinet. Mounting of these trays will be possible after the cleats are fixed to the inside of the cabinet.

8. Once the installation is complete sand the trays and partitions. Now seal them with at least two coats of polyurethane in order to make cleaning easy.

Handy tips –

  • Always use a shorter dimension for the base. Especially if the door opening is narrower than the sides of the frame.
  • As obvious two separate bases will be required if the doors are partitioned in the center.
  • Be as accurate as you can, in order to achieve success.
  • If you have little humans at home, remember to attach safety latches over the cabinets.

Enjoy your new space and do make an effort to keep it clutter free.

Credit: Handyman

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