7 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing A Bathroom At Home

Bathrooms like the kitchen should be given great thought while planning your home. They should be multifunctional and trendy at the same time. Gone are the times where a single household had a bathroom for every bedroom and one could spend their sweet time while using them. The need of the hour calls for space efficient wash rooms. But before you actually go about deciding the paint and the fixtures, do read about the common design blunders.

Avoid theses at the designing stages and your bathrooms are in for a long haul. Unlike common belief, the washroom is actually the one space that is most difficult to design successfully. If you can strike the perfect union of function and form then you have a winner all the way. At the end of the day it should be an aesthetic space for the occupants.

Read on more about common mistakes that will make your bathroom imperfect.

1. Let the sun in

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The bathroom has a lot of moisture at all times. If you add darkness to it, it becomes a dark, dingy and uninviting place. Always try to design a washroom with a window to let the sun in. And if that’s not possible plan a skylight to make it bright. At the planning stage also ensure that the bathroom is well ventilated in order to smell fresh at all times.

2. Don’t be in a hurry to decide the location

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The most common mistakes we make, is to place the bathroom in the line of sight of a living or a dining room. This positioning makes it an eye sore and spoils the charm of these other rooms. It is advisable to design a small alcove or a passage, that ensures that the washroom is not visible directly.

3. Make it a delightful vision

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Do not make the WC the first thing you see when you enter the washroom. Most engineers advise that the wash basin or the shower should be placed first. This careful planning will increase the functionality of the bathroom. While somebody is using the bathroom, another family member can take a shower.

4. Try not to go overboard

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Similar to your enthusiasm that needs a check, curb less showers are a better idea. They make the bathroom look bigger. Follow the universal rule of combining light colors to make spaces look big. Contrasting colors will make the bathroom look small and congested. You can also plan storage spaces as countertops in order to create a space illusion.

5. Give first priority to functionality

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Designing and paint have no value if the washroom scores badly on the functionality test. You might have lots of space or the tiniest of spaces, but remember to put functionality first. A bathroom that functions well is better than a one that looks aesthetic but functions poorly. When designing a small space stick to the basic or you will be reducing the comfort level tremendously.

6. Don’t have a stingy budget

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We strongly advise against overspending on the bathroom when it comes to materials and fixtures. But we also recommend all home makers to not to be stingy when it comes to the  essential items. Cutting cost here might create bigger problems later. A shoddy sink or  cheap quality shower will soon become a source of frustration  in the household. If you think you can get away with sub-standard material for the flooring, very soon the water damage will prove you wrong. Same goes for the sub-standard diverter valve that will only create hot and cold water battles at home.

7. Choose the toilet /WC carefully

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Choose a model that is easy to clean and water efficient. Always choose a neutral color that will match with any hue on the wall. Ensure that the fitting of the hand faucet is at the right place, in order to provide easy access to elderly and kids. As an aesthetic rule always place the toilet behind the door or design a wall enclosure to hide it. You also don’t have to go over board and select matching rugs for it. And old worn out carpet looks just fine placed in the space between the shower cubicle and the toilet.

Lastly, if interested, you can also go through these easy tips that might just help you to take your bathroom’s look and feel to the next glorious level.

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