How to Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Winter Season

home in winter

Now that fall is well upon us, the temperatures are starting to drop, and the days feel like they are getting shorter, it is the perfect time for homeowners to start thinking about how they can prepare their home for the upcoming winter season. Chances are you’ll be spending more time indoors, so you want to know you’ll be comfortable and cozy, and that everything outdoors is secure and safe until the nice weather arrives again next year.

We’ve got a list of tips that you can follow and use as a checklist to make sure you’re ready for all winter has to offer.

Clean Out the Gutters After the Leaves Fall

Maintenance will be key during the fall months, so as not to cause any issues next spring. One of the most important chores is to clean out the gutters after the trees have lost their leaves. All that debris can cause the gutters to get clogged, which prevents proper water drainage. This can lead to leaks and other unfortunate issues. 

Turn Off the Outside Water Source

If you have an outside water source for your sprinkler/hose, you want to be sure you turn it off before the temperatures drop too much, and drain them. Should water remain in the pipes, it can freeze and then cause them to burst.

Pest Proof the Exterior of Your Home

Pest proofing your home isn’t just winter-specific; instead, it can be a year-round task depending on where you live. If you keep your garbage cans outdoors, you run the risk of attracting unwanted pests such as raccoons, rats, mice, bears, possums, bugs and more. These pests can make a huge mess of your yard and even get into your home, which leads to a much bigger problem. 

Be sure not to take chances where garbage storage is concerned during the winter months and use effective tips to keep pests out of your trash. It’s much easier to prevent a pest problem than to get rid of them once they start hanging around. 

Time for Some Garden Pruning and Maintenance

The cooler fall days also tend to be perfect for garden pruning and maintenance. This will help the bushes and trees to grow back even healthier next year. If you have any concerns about what to prune and how much to prune, be sure to speak to your local garden center first.

Experts also recommend you trim back trees that overhang your house, as this can be the perfect path for critters to use to get into your attic.

Is the Furnace Working Okay?

It’s possible that the furnace hasn’t come on in your house for a few months now, so this is a great time to give it a test run and make sure all is good. You certainly don’t want to find out it has issues during the first cold snap. This is also the ideal time to replace the furnace filter so you have a fresh clean one for the season.

By using these simple tips, you’ll be preparing your home for the long cold months of winter.

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