7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room in a Small Space

small guest room

No matter how small your spare room is, it should be a cozy retreat for your guests. 

The good news is that, just by making a few simple changes, you can create a small guest room that feels breezy and spacious. 

Here are seven expert tips to ensure that your guestroom shines – and, more importantly, that your guests have a comfortable stay.

1. Opt for Sectional Furniture

Adding a small seating area to your guest room is a nice touch, but not all rooms have the space for it. Opting for a small piece of sectional furniture is a great way to make the most of a small space because it can be rearranged to suit the room. 

Including a sectional couch in your guest room will give your guests another comfortable and private place to lounge other than the bed.

2. Downsize the Bed

Although you probably want your guests to feel as though they are in the lap of luxury, a queen size bed takes up an inordinate amount of space. Consider switching it for a bed that’s just one size down to add precious inches to the small space.

Having a bed that’s too big for a room can make a room look unbalanced and chaotic – and besides, your guests need somewhere to put their stuff.

3. Create Space Around the Bed

Any designer worth their salt will tell you to never push the bed into a corner or up against two walls. All this does is create the illusion of space, but it’s highly impractical. 

Opening up space on either side of the bed will improve the flow of the room and create some much-needed space for making and getting in and out of the bed.

4. Hang Small Mirrors

You may have already heard that even seasoned interior designers swear by mirrors to open up a space. This is true to some extent; however, a giant mirror on the wall can take up precious wall space and completely dominate a smaller room.  

The trick is to choose small mirrors to hang on the walls – they have the same space-opening effect, but they won’t overwhelm the room.

5. Only One Piece of Furniture Per Wall

Cramming every item of furniture against one or two walls doesn’t look right and can actually have the opposite effect of creating more space. Sure, there will be more floor space, but the room will feel unbalanced or clunky, and the pieces can look awkward – like they’ve been shoehorned in.

Stick to one major piece of furniture per wall – especially if the room is narrow. 

6. Pare Down What’s Not Needed

Does your guestroom really need a bulky wardrobe? Consider taking everything unnecessary for a short stay out and replace it with a small seating area instead – your guests will appreciate it much more than unneeded storage. 

The same goes for knickknacks and décor as well – if the room looks cluttered, take everything that’s not essential out. 

7. Lengthen the Drapes

By simply lengthening the drapes in your guest room, you can make the space look completely different. Long drapes can actually make a room look larger because they draw the eye up to the ceiling. Long white drapes are even better – when they’re done right they can make a space look light and romantic, yet tailored.

It’s a small fix, but your guest room’s drapes can be the difference between what looks like a spare room and a private getaway.

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