How To Spruce Up Your Living Room Using Tapestries

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If you are looking to redo your living room, there are several directions in which you can go. You could opt to make a drastic change from scratch or go for a few statement pieces to make the existing space come to life. If the latter is what you prefer, then tapestries are a perfect choice for you. 

Once considered as a traditional home decor item, tapestries are, in fact, extremely diverse in their appeal. They offer a sense of depth and elegance to a room that goes beyond regular wall hanging or paintings. From the imagery, fabric, and texture, there is a lot to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect fit for your home. You should also think about the different ways in which you can utilize the piece of art in the best way possible.

Are you ready to make your living room come to life? Let us be your guide. Here are some ways in which you can use tapestries to spruce up your space. 

Hang them on a wall 

If your living room has bare walls that look dull on their own, or if you have an empty space that needs to be concealed, you should definitely accentuate it with a hanging tapestry. You should go for a large-sized one that fills up the space for an eye-catching look. 

Adding a pop of color this way is a great way to break the uniformity of a bare wall and really makes a room come to life. Hang them horizontally above the couch or in any corner that needs a boost; tapestries form the perfect focal point. In fact, if you go for tapestries that have depictions from history or from different cultures, they can potentially serve as great conversation-starters for the people sitting in the living room. 

Mount them on a frame 

Tapestries are an ingenious way of bringing personality to any room. If you want to go for a more classic look, then you can mount your tapestries onto a frame instead of hanging them directly on a wall. 

This technique works for different sizes, depending on the wall you want to hang the frame on. You can even use smaller pieces and create a unique gallery wall. Similar to paintings, you can go for tapestries that depict an element of your personality to make the room feel all the more inviting. Framing your tapestries is also a great way to preserve them for a longer period of time, especially for the more expensive pieces. 

Hang them as curtains 

Because they are so versatile, tapestries are pleasing to the eye while being functional. One way to utilize this feature is to replace traditional curtains and use tapestries instead. Previously, tapestries have been used to create privacy in a room, and we feel like this trend is making waves even today. 

Go for sturdier tapestries that are made using thick fabric if you want to use them as curtains for your living room. Existing tapestries can be stitched as curtains or are even available as a ready-made option. The important part here is to match the material with the rest of your room’s decor. Regardless of whether you go for muted or vibrant color options, using a tapestry as a curtain will create a sense of calm and peace. 

Play around with textures 

You may think tapestries are suited to a more traditional looking living room, but we are here to tell you otherwise. There are ways in which you can utilize them even for a more modern setting. One way to do so is by focusing on the texture of the tapestry. Go for a thick woven option that has plenty of texture for a minimal, contemporary room. You can even go for thicker options that are made using bright colors for that extra pop. 

Bold colors and thick textures are perfect if you want to add warmth to your room. If you wish to continue the minimal aesthetic, then go for neutral, earthy tones that match the rest of the room. Another design that offers a beautifully textured look is macrame, which is made using intricate patterns that complement a modern look. 

Drape them over furniture 

Tapestries are not just meant to be hung or framed on a wall but can, in fact, be placed differently across your living room. One such way is by draping them over existing furniture. If your living room’s furniture has gotten old and worn out, you can give it a second life by introducing a tapestry over it. 

No matter what design you go for, muted or contrast, it will make the space look and feel new. For sofas and chairs, you can go for quilted tapestries that are made from a softer material. Such tapestries are often also used as a  bedspread to bring an element of drama to the room. Another way to use them is as a cover for a dining or coffee table in your living room.

Parting thoughts 

By now, you must have realized that tapestries are rightfully termed as one of the most versatile decoration pieces for your home. Not only do they bring a sense of sophistication, but they often tell a story of culture and history that make them extremely unique. 

Because they are so dynamic, the possibilities of decorating with them are endless. Therefore, don’t restrict their usage to simple wall decor and think outside the box. Depending on your preferences and the style of your room, tapestries will transform your living room completely.  

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