How Heavy Should Your Weighted Blanket Be?

heavy weighted blanket

Heavy Weighted blankets work around the principle of deep touch pressure. They provide a calming effect to those who experience anxiety and insomnia. These blankets come in various weights, and choosing the right weight is essential for optimal comfort. If you are wondering how heavy your weighted blanket should be, you are at the right place. 

General Recommendations for Selecting a Weighted Blanket

To work effectively, heavy weighted blankets should be purchased according to your body weight and size. The blanket should simulate a hug, creating a sense of calm and helping you fall asleep faster. The right sized weighted blanket will let you experience the deep touch pressure, and you will wake up feeling well-rested. Usually, the recommended weight for adults and kids is 10 percent of the body weight.

Kids must choose the right weight for safety purposes and get the most health benefits. Weighted blankets for infants and toddlers are not recommended as the weight will restrict the movement while they sleep. For young children, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using a weighted blanket.

Choosing a Blanket When It falls Between Two Weight Recommendations

You can also go beyond the 10 percent rule as long as you are comfortable using it. Weighted blankets typically range from 5 to 35 pounds and come in 5-pound increments. 

In case your weight falls between two weight recommendations, the ideal weight will be 10 percent of your body weight plus one or two pounds according to your preference. This means you can take the next heaviest weighted blanket. The appropriately weighted blanket will be 10 percent of your child’s body weight plus one pound for kids. 

If you do not get the correct size, weighted blankets can be very heavy and uncomfortable. If you cannot move under your blanket or the blanket gives you a feeling of being trapped in your bed, look for a lighter weighted blanket. Though according to some studies, a lighter weighted blanket may not provide the same health benefits

Simultaneously, a too heavy weighted blanket can restrict your blood flow and contribute to an inability to fall asleep. It may also have negative health implications. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to your preference. The right weighted blanket will be the one that gives you a feeling of a warm hug and has just the right amount of pressure to help with conditions of anxiety and insomnia. 

The Maximum Weight Limit 

The heaviest weighted blanket that you can get is 30 pounds. Anything beyond this weight should not be used as it will not work to provide you with the intended therapeutic benefits and instead cause you more stress. 

Determining the right heaviness of your weighted blanket involves a bit of trial and error. Some manufacturers also offer a trial period, which you can take advantage of before buying. 

Once you are done figuring the right weight for you, there are other factors that you might need to consider while buying a heavy weighted blanket. Check the fiber used in the blanket, its size, filler material, and prices before making a final decision. 

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