iFingerLock unlocks with your verified fingerprints instead of keys

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Completely blanked out about the master key, and as a result have been locked out of your home sweet home? Well, it has happened to the best of us. And as a solution, we have come across the iFingerLock, the greatest security contrivance since walls.

Designed as a smart, anti-theft padlock, the iFingerLock recognizes the owner’s fingerprint pattern with its infused biometrics recognition technology. This totally eschews the need for those dastardly physical keys and combination codes that have a way of getting lost or forgotten. So, in other words, your biological fingers act the master key.

The remarkable scope of convenience however doesn’t stop there. Each iFingerLock device has the capacity to verify up to ten different fingerprint patterns. This means the contraption can be unlocked by your family members (and trusted friends).

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The padlock also comes with its unique USB key for accessing and managing the stored fingerprint patterns, thus not requiring the involvement of computers. This advantageous feature can be used in collective security scenarios, like school lockers and government offices.

Lastly, coming to the physical attributes of the iFingerLock, the padlock is crafted from a sturdy zinc alloy body, accompanied by a stainless steel shackle. The complementing electronic mechanism is powered by two AAA batteries; and even so, the lock has the ability to retain all the stored fingerprints without battery power.

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Price – $74.99 (on sale). For buying details, please refer to the product page.

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