Impress Coffee Brewer allows you to make hot coffee and enjoy it ‘on the go’!

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Making your own hot coffee and enjoying your hot coffee ‘on the go‘ are two completely different exercises for most of us. But what if a single device solved both of these coffee-oriented woes? Well, the Impress Coffee Brewer (by Gamila Company) certainly impresses us with its multi-tasking ability – that pertains to the aforementioned collective solution.

The contraption boasts of a compact coffee brewer that takes only 3 minutes of your busy schedule to prepare a substantial 14 oz of coffee. The hot beverage can be made in accordance to your personal preference, and can be sipped directly from the preparation vessel.

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Of course for coffee aficionados, it is not only about the ease of preparation; the scope also entails how the prepared beverage (i.e., the coffee flavor) tastes. In that regard, the Impress Coffee Brewer features an advanced micro-filter that segregates the grounds from finished coffee, which results in a ‘clean’, delectable coffee with no bitterness.

And for people who are perpetually in move for their jobs (yes, like ‘Up in the Air’ type professionals), the Impress Coffee Brewer additionally vaunts its three layers of insulation. The ‘walls’ can keep your beverage hot for a really long time during those commutes and getting-stuck-in-the-traffic sessions.

All of these advantageous aspects are finally topped off with a convenient usability factor that allows one to easily clean the vessel by just scooping out the leftover grounds.

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Buy – $40

Via: GamilaCompany

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