JTM Service’s special washing machine can be operated by dogs

JTM washing machine can be operated by dogs

Finally, the day has arrived when you can claim your dog’s superiority over your neighbor’s pesky cat. Why so? Well, the answer is pretty simple – dogs can now operate washing machines! Or rather UK-based appliance maker JTM Service has designed the world’s first washing machine that can be operated by trained support dogs for assisting differently enabled people.

The ingenuity of the mechanism however overtakes the conscientious scope. The washing machine is actually activated by a dog bark (yes, you have read that right!), thus bypassing those awkward situations when the animal falters with its paws.JTM washing machine can be operated by dogs_1

Anyhow, when it comes to the entire ambit, the support dog is thoroughly trained to help people with disabilities. And, this help entails – aiding them to dress and undress, stripping off the bed sheets and even putting the laundry inside the washing machine.

The dog does it by engaging a paw-activated pad that unlocks the washer’s latch. Our canine friend then opens the latch by tugging on an attached rope with their mouth.

The laundry is loaded and then the hatch is closed with the push of their nose. And finally, they have to let out a bark, and voila; the machine starts its washing cycle. This cycle includes the contraption automatically adding the measured detergent to the fray, thus resulting in a totally ‘human free’ action that involves only dogs and smart appliances!

Via: Gizmodo

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