Kyoto Aquarium’s Christmas ‘Life Tree’ with LEDs and aquariums

Who said anything about Christmas trees comprising of actually trees? Kyoto Aquarium has taken the symbolic essence of this long-held tradition and showcased it with dollops of old fashioned Christmas spirit. The end result is the Christmas ‘Life Tree’ comprising of an assortment of cool stuff, ranging from LED illuminated cubes to full fledged aquariums.


As we can see from the images, the cubes are placed atop each other in a way that roughly replicated the foliage of a Christmas tree. Hoover, the similarity ends there, with energy efficient LEDs taking the center stage instead of conventional electric bulbs.

In this regard, the LED cubes are placed ‘strategically’ so as to correspond to their symbolic purpose. For example, the red-orange hued blocks are kept at the bottom to represent the shade of leaves during the fall season. In the same manner, the blue hued blocks symbolize bright blue skies, the green hued blocks represent verdant greenery, and the white hued blocks symbolize Christmas snow.

Finally, cubical aquariums have been added to the already vibrant mix, thus accentuating upon the essence of nature and eco-systems. Twenty five such aquariums hold water-weed, moss and fire belly newts, one of Japan’s favorite low-maintenance pets.


Via: Asahi

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