Keitaro Fujii creates incredibly cute pet-shaped clocks

Animal shaped wall clock

Animal-shaped wall clock

With the advancement in technology and availability of various time displaying high-tech gadgets in the market, simple wall clocks are slowly losing their charm. However, Japanese artist Keitaro Fujii, a specialist in basket weaving, has created adorable pet-shaped clocks with wagging tail, giving an impression of being real pets, that will surely convince anyone to buy one. Fujii is a Tokyo-based prized artist who has exhibited his work not only in Japan, but in many countries like USA, Germany and France, too.

Being a renowned basket weaver, Fujji sometimes also spare his time to create something marvelous apart from regular stint. These clocks are also a beautiful example of Fujii’s creativity that can make anyone go weak on their knees as these cute pets swish their tails back and forth.

Animal-shaped wall clock

The animal-shaped wall clocks are available at Tobu Department Store for 21,600 yen (approx. $174). The cat-shaped clock is 43×16 cm, whereas the dog-shaped clock is 43×21 cm in size.

Well, I have to admit that these adorable wall clocks can melt anyone’s heart when seen hanging on the wall of your kids’ room.

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  1. A question, how can a person in the US order one? Their website is not set up for english.

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