Nude is all-new extravagant grandeur side of Florinda lamp by Modoluce

Nude by Modoluce

Nude by Modoluce

Annarosa Romano & Bruno Menegon, two renowned Italian designers, gave all new look to their best selling ceiling lamp Florinda for the Italian lightning and interior brand Modoluce. To create Nude, the designer duo stripped the exterior hand-strapped pleated fabric covers of the lamp, highlighting beautiful structure of the lamp.

To keep the ultra-modern and contemporary design and style intact, the lamp is kept in the same shape and design as it was earlier. Metal strings without the fabric make it look like a flower. To provide rhythmic movement, the wires are welded to revolutionize the composition from 63cm diameter into 150cm.

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To bestow the lamp with retro-cum-contemporary glance, the plates holding the shades are kept in raw form. Metallic look not only adds the visual pleasure but also converts the place into a lavish baroque. With adding ample of light inside the room, the lamp is designed to create a pleasing experience within the interior.

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The Nude lamp is available in galvanized copper, chrome, brass, painted white, black, and coral matt finish. The new version is just an extension to the old version thanks to the designer-duo who smartly converted an old lamp into something that is both contemporary and retro in style. The minimal aesthetics and simple designing makes the lamp an ideal lightning fixture to be used in large spaces like halls, lobbies and restaurants.

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