Laser cookery will allow us to cook delicacies and services!

Toasted bread with laser cookery

Toasted bread with laser cookery

Laser cookery: the very term grants all gourmets and gourmands a remarkable reverie of high-end technology, where futuristic lasers emanate from kitchen appliances to concoct a plethora of gastronomic wonders. In reality, the scope is actually more than just whipping up delicacies in a pioneering way. Conceptualized and contrived by Kentaro Fukuchi and his associates at Meiji University in Japan, laser cooking would in fact help us to cook food and also access various services like apps via those cooked food items!

Now you may twist your brows and ask : how so? Well, in simple terms, industrial laser cutters are used from etching and engraving various types of patterns on solid objects like wood, metal or even plastic. In this regard, according to the New Scientist, there are different applications of this technology now being developed by the Japanese scientists; many of which would make their foray into our domestic circuits. One of the applications entails a bread toast popping up with an intricate pattern. Now, if we focus our cellphone’s camera on this pattern, a website via app will emerge in the phone’s screen that gives info about the day’s traffic.

These engraving patterns will be achieved by connecting the laser cutter to an advanced computer powered graphics software and a webcam for visual link. So, in theory (and we hope practically), the laser can etch the most intricate of details even in the smallest of food items. And, since we mentioned food, there will also be ‘technologically enhanced’ delicacies that can be cooked by the laser devices. For example, the scientists have put forth the dish of ‘melt-fat raw bacon’, in which the fat can be perfectly utilized to cook the raw bacon piece by the lasers beams. These beams are in turn expertly guided by the webcam based contraption.

Intricate patterns made by laser beams

Via: NewScientist

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