Little Free Library #2646 is set for free exchange

Little Free Library #2646_1

These pictures reveal what is called the Little Free Library #2646. With the aim of spreading literacy, Little Free Library Ltd., a non-profit organization, is encouraging individuals to open mini libraries in their neighborhoods throughout the US and across some parts in Canada. You can get pre built libraries made of old scrap or can construct one yourself. The deal is it should be capable of holding about 20 and above books at a time and should look inviting.
The one featured below looks more like a letter box cum mini library; perhaps it was made to look like that. Amy Seidenwurm, her husband Rusell Bates and her close friend Wesley Smith constructed the #2646 on their own and placed it on gloomy corner, near their house. There is a nursery school close to this place and people passing by can easily access the Little Free Library and exchange books for free. Excited neighbours have already given them monetary donations and many are willing to lend some great books to share them with their kin.

Little Free Library #2646_4 Little Free Library #2646_3 Little Free Library #2646_2

Via: Boingboing