Minecraft Sheet Magnets allow you to build cool maps and terrain for your game

Minecraft Sheet Magnets_1

With two colorful magnetic sheets having 80 1″ square blocks on each sheet now you can build your own Minicraft world on your refrigerator. Each of these magnetic sheet includes workbench, Furnace, Chest, TNT, Bookcase, Jack-o-Lantern, Snow, Coal, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Redstone Ore, Diamond Ore, Water, Lava, Clay, Grass, Trees, Leaves, Gravel, Sand, Brick, Wood, Stone, Cobblestone and Dirt. These 1″ square blocks allow you to build creative maps and terrain to make your game more interesting.

Minecraft Sheet Magnets_2 Minecraft Sheet Magnets_3 Minecraft Sheet Magnets_4