“Wood Luck” a seismic bed protects you from the earthquake collapsed buildings

Wood Luck bed_1

As we see these days we often hear news about earthquakes. It’s impossible to avoid this natural disaster; we can only make some arrangements to prevent life and property losses to very little extent when it comes to natural calamity like earthquake. Developed by Shinko Industries “Wood Luck” bed brings in real good luck to you when earthquake strikes your place and Shakes infrastructure around you to make it fall down the ground, biting the dust.
This Wood Luck bed is made from cypress wood which comes from tree that is 30-40 years old and is known for its strength. Wood Luck bed has the capacity to take up to 65 ton of load, incase something disastrous like earthquake strikes. It comes in both single and double bed configuration, which are 10cm taller and 20cm wider in dimension. With a price at $5,600 for single bed and $6,250 for the semi-double version; the Good Luck bed proves itself as your protector when nature goes harsh on your living surroundings.

Wood Luck bed_2 Wood Luck bed_3


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