MPOWERD’s Luci Aura – An inflatable solar lantern for indoor ambiance

mpowerd luci aura

At last year’s CES, MPOWERD dazzled the electronic world with their innovative Luci inflatable solar lantern, which was envisaged as a low-cost yet rechargeable LED light. And, now the company has decided to go beyond the bounds of practicality with something more extravagant. The result is the Luci Aura, another effective specimen of an inflatable solar lantern tailored for mood lighting.

This time around the design aim was not only tied up with the illumination credentials of the lantern. The designers rather wanted to create a stylish fixture that would be a perfect accompaniment to those thematic dinner sessions and weekend parties. Hence the lantern flaunts a brand new frosted plastic, which endows an ethereal, softer essence to the light.

Quite credibly, the aesthetic direction doesn’t dull out the energy efficiency of the Luci Aura. In fact, the lantern boasts of the very same solar powered panel as its predecessor.

This means the contrivance goes through four energy-saving colors for your indoor ambiance, while offering 12 straight hours of illumination after 8 hours of solar charging (under full sun or incandescent light). The lighting scope is complemented by the environmentally-friendly plastic layer, which is entirely bio-degradable with years of expected life.

As for the commercial side of affairs, the Luci Aura exhibited at this year’s CES, will retail for $24.99. It is expected to come to markets by middle of this year.

For more details, check out MPOWERD’s home page.

Via: EINNews

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