Musical Pillow that gives you a geeky feel

DIY Musical Pillow_1

It’s time for some entertainment and how about adding some creativity to make the flavor more delicious. If you want to give your room a geeky feel the Musical pillow would be an awesome introduction to it. The best thing about it is that you can make Musical pillow at your own.

DIY Musical Pillow_2

Materials and tools that you will need to make this Musical pillow is LilyPad Arduino, felt, Regular fabrics, Sewable speaker, Conductive thread, Conductive fabric, regular beads and metal bead.

DIY Musical Pillow_3

Thereafter you need to Sketch out the design for connecting the circuit:

DIY Musical Pillow_4

Now Thread the needle as shown in image below:


To make an electrical contact much effective we need to cut felt accordingly to make Lilypad mount behind while sewing conductive thread to circuit board holes/ See the image below:

DIY Musical Pillow_6

To shorten the ends just tie the knots of thread at the end and use nail varnish to prevent the clash on ends:

DIY Musical Pillow_7

Now design shapes on conductive fabric with fusible interfacing and cut it accordingly keeping the design intact:

DIY Musical Pillow_8

Use iron to melt and fix the pieces of conductive fabric to pillow:

DIY Musical Pillow_9

The other alternative is to sew the patches incase your fusible doesn’t holds properly

DIY Musical Pillow_10

Your Musical Pillow is ready just program the LilyPad Arduino

DIY Musical Pillow_11

Via: Kobakant

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