Pint glasses displaying classic video game imagery

Pint glasses displaying classic video game imagery_1

Our tryst with video games and beverage mugs culminated with the Tetris Coffee Mugs. And now when our world seemed meaningless after the geeky affair, we have come across another set of beverage crockery that follows the same cool design principle of showcasing classic video game imagery. Conceived by Etsy seller Crawlspace Studios, the pint glasses display simple prints of well known games like Galaga, Pac-Man and Centipede.

Pint glasses displaying classic video game imagery_2

However this time time around, the print images are static in nature, with no heat-seeking technology to help with their movement. Nevertheless, the simplicity is quite eye-catching especially when you are taking swigs of cold beer and reminiscing about those good ole days of gaming. In fact, the Galaga aliens might even start to move after a lengthy session of beers and memories!

Price – $20 (for a pair).

Via:  EtsyTechnabob

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