IKETTLE – World’s first wifi kettle allows you to boil water from bed

WiFi kettle_ikettle_1

Those two minutes in morning are endless when you wait for water to get boiled for your morning tea to start off your day. For such daily chores technology has often come to our rescue. This time it’s a “WiFi kettle” that put an end to this trouble and saves important minutes of your daily routine.

You can easily operate iKettle through Smartphone app, no matter where you are in your home, on bed or on your work desk.

Not only you can switch on this ikettle from your phone, what adds more value to it is that it keeps water boiled for long. No worries if you are not ready to use it right away.

This 1.8 litre ikettle with dubbed steaming servant is available on Firebox and is world’s first wifi kettle.

According to iKettle’s manufacturers, wifi kettle’s auto-shut off function and boil-dry protection do not allow kettle to heat up incase there is no enough water in kettle.

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