Plywood crafted BBQ fire pit for the authentic barbecue experience

BBQ fire pit by Federal

BBQ fire pit by Federal

Barbecue, the very word conjures up reveries of effulgent holiday mornings, with the smoky sweet-sour essence of grilled, roasted meat in the air. Quite unfortunately, this allure of ‘homeliness’ has recently been targeted by mass commercialization, thus resulting in those large scale produced, ugly stamped grills. Of course, some concerned designers (and presumably enthusiasts for rustic designs) are working around the clock to bring us more ‘countrified’ products. In this regard, we have come across the ideal ‘BBQ’, an urban fire pit by Federal design studio that totally eschews stamped grills for a well ventilated steel basket.

Coming to its structural scope, the BBQ is composed of an one inch thick birch plywood framework, which was then safely sealed with a coat flame retardant material. The top section of this hollow framework is fitted with a steel basket to house the fire (while the bottom section is used for storing extra fire logs). The side facades of the basket are adequately perforated to allow for sufficient air flow through the holes of the flank. Finally, at the top of the steel basket, there is a separate square concrete frame to insulate the heat from the edges. This frame in turn integrates a stainless steel cooking surface for the main functionality of the BBQ, i.e, barbecuing.

Now, as for the usage pattern of this conception, the design was primarily aimed at people who crave for the authentic barbecue experience in their backyards or the occasional camping and other outdoor activities. Hence, the bantam yet convenient dimensions of 18-inch x 18-inch perfectly fits the portability credentials.

BBQ fire pit by Federal

Via: Behance

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