‘Hollow’ LED powered Reading light ambiantly illuminates your home decor

Reading Light by Federal

Reading Light by Federal

LEDs are not only about energy efficiency, but they can even influence the innovative design language of modernistic lighting fixtures. This is aptly proven by the ‘Reading Light’ conception crafted by the Ottawa based design studio Federal. Exhibiting a very minimal yet elegant style with its unpretentious wooden support, the lighting mechanism follows the path of the ‘hollow’ design concept. In simpler terms, this alludes to the total avoidance of a conventional light source, like a bulb. As a more efficient alternative, the designers have used a high powered LED strip, which runs along the height of the wooden support. This component diffuses its illumination through the soft pattern of the lamp shade . This means that the user is visually shielded from the sometimes obtrusive light source, thus resulting in a more serene ambiance of the interiors.

Of course, the riddance of the conventional bulb is not just related to the visual scheme of things. According to the designers, a traditional bulb comes with its unwieldy paraphernalia of a relatively large base. But in the case of  the Reading Light, this base is substituted by a chic, hollow patterned wooden pedestal. This ingenious consideration not only results in the minimalist essence but also reduces the usage of raw materials (and thus pricing) for the contrivance. More importantly, from the user perspective, a LED is fairly powerful when it comes to its domestic applications. In this regard, the Reading Light can certainly pose as a stylishly low carbon, energy efficient fixture to ‘lighten up’ your contemporary home decor.

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