Redditor skerley1979 creates a ‘Princess Castle’ for his little daughter’s room

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_1

It is not often that little daughters can claim that their daddies have built a castle for them. Well, the little daughter of Redditor ‘skerley1979’ can proudly make such a claim, as is evident from the Princess Castle installed in her very bedroom.

Comprising of a hollow space below (for toys) and a loft bed above, the impressive construction took around $650 to build. And, the best part is – this room-based castle can be totally disassembled and then assembled on a different site, by just connecting six components.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_2

The project was started off by crafting the front facade with its ‘medieval’ patterns. Then the DIYer moved on to the conspicuous towers along the two flanks. All of the materials used for the bunk-bed pertained to 3/4-inch maple finished plywood.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_3

On closer inspection, one can see the 45 degrees chamfering along the corner edges for the towers. The inner open-cabinets were arranged accordingly, thus transforming the towers into nifty shelving systems. You can take a look at our tutorial on how to build the bookshelves.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_4

The towers and the front facade was connected by using EZ locks. The inner surfaces of the castle (2×4’s) were sanded, and their edges rounded off. Then the locks were embedded on to the 2×4’s, while bolts were pushed through the aforementioned towers – thus fixing the components together.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_5

The above picture aptly showcases the EZ locks that are embedded on to the vertical posts along the window flanks. We can also make out the bolts – but all of them are on the inner side (as mentioned earlier), and hence are hidden from the outer view.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_6

The sectional view of the (under construction) castle exhibits the hollow cut inside the structure needed for the occupant to get move around in the lower level. This small space (on completion) can be used for keeping the toys.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_7

Here we can see the main structure of the room castle finally coming into its full-form – with the addition of the side and rear plywood panels. The medieval finishing is also continued on the side facades.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_8

Now, coming to the upper-level loft, the DIYer’s (or more specifically his wife’s) biggest concern was that the bed wouldn’t be able to support the children on top. For this, skerley1979 added a layer of buckling material, and then had it stapled atop the naked slats. The center of the bed was further reinforced with the 3/4-inch plywood ‘leftovers’.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_9

The final unpainted version.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_10

Detailed painting and texture work done by the DIYer himself.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_11

Lastly, a ladder was added on to the side for access to the loft-bed.

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_12

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_13

The Princess Castle by Redditor Skerley_14

And voila! We ultimately have the Princess Castle fit for the little princess. For more details on the project, you can check out this Imgur page.

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