LeTrine: A stylish compost toilet designed for the masses

LeTrine Toilet Redesign by Richard Trajcevski_1

According to a startling statistical scope, around a whopping 2.6 billion people from the developing countries (around 37 percent of world’s population) do not have access to adequate toilet spaces, based on privacy or hygiene. The baleful story continues with data pertaining to how four thousand children die on a daily basis by being exposed to diarrhea-related diseases.

In such a deplorable ambit, it is ingenuity that might save the day; and one tiny example of this encouraging┬ánotion is the LeTrine – a compost toilet design by Richard Trajcevski, based on a rotatable bio-drum. In essence, it is envisaged as an ergonomic solution that becomes practical when applied to existing situations.

To that end, the design of the LeTrine is tailored to aerobic degradation – a process that can ‘naturally’ reduce the waste composition inside the toilet. This scope is also odorless because of the ventilation credentials of the composting structure.

And furthermore, the rotatable drum inside the mainframe makes the job of removing the excess waste much easier after the chamber approaches its filled capacity. In view of these advantages, the LeTrine can be best used in a collective-cycle, with the toilet catering to other family members (like its conventional counterpart). As Trajcevski makes it clear –

This innovative product service system also aims to leverage existing eorts on improved sanitation, aiming to achieve a good medium between high-tech solutions and low-tech environments.

Source: Behance

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