Rodin sink system incorporates three separate sinks and a dishwasher

Rodin sink system by Liliana Figueiredo Ribeiro_1

A few days ago we talked about compact kitchen units with their special sinks. The above pictured Rodin kitchen sink improves upon this scope of spatial efficiency by effectively incorporating three sinks and a dishwasher in a single installation.

Conceptualized and developed by Liliana Figueiredo Ribeiro as a home utility project at ULP, Lusíada University of Porto, the Rodin has been created to ‘meet the demands of modern life’. In this regard, the sink system takes the collective approach to solving our cooking and dish washing woes.

So, in a sense, the scope is not just limited to the arrangement of three sinks of variant sizes. The additional accessories also include a tap, a basket (for separately washing and draining the vegetables), a sink valve, a sink cover and a detergent dispenser for washing the dishes.

As for the Rodin’s functional ambit, the largest sink is used as dish washing area and also as a vegetable cleaning area (helped by the aforementioned basket). The second sink with the cover is used for storing the washed dishes and drying them. Finally, the smallest sink comes with a cylindrical vegetable container for keeping your freshly washed, chopped veggies.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the Rodin is still in its preliminary design stage. However, the designer has already showcased two types of models, with the basket alternating between the main sink and the secondary covered sink.

Rodin sink system by Liliana Figueiredo Ribeiro_2 Rodin sink system by Liliana Figueiredo Ribeiro_3 Rodin sink system by Liliana Figueiredo Ribeiro_4

Via: Behance

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