The 3 Best Ways To Decorate Without Painting Your Home

wall paneling

A nice paint job is something that can make a boring and bland room really pop. But, to some tastes a simple layer of paint, no matter how vibrant the color, is just boring. Some people like to think outside the box and their tastes usually reflect that.

Which is why there are some alternatives to painting that can really make your living space look unique. You can really personalize a room with some other techniques. You can play with textures, patterns and material to hone in on the exact decoration that suits your tastes.

In this article, we will go over several ways that you can use some alternatives to painting to decorate your home. 

1 – Wall panel stickers

One way to have a wide variety of decorative options is to use adhesive wall paneling. You can get whatever style that works for your tastes. For instance, if you love the old barn style then you can choose panels that look like weathered wood and decorate a wall or ceiling with them. 

If you need a backsplash for your kitchen counter then a subway tile option is going to look great. And the best part is that nobody would guess that you didn’t tile the wall but instead took just a few minutes to stick some stickers on the wall. 

You can use a few just to accent a certain area, or cover the entire wall. All at a fraction of the cost of using actual hardwood or tiles. 

There are even tile transfers that can work on tile that you already have. For instance, if your bathroom is starting to look dated, don’t tear down the tile and then hire somebody to put more in. You can instead use stickers to cover the individual tiles with just about any kind of design you can imagine. 

2 – Use curtains

Curtains don’t just work to cover your windows and give you privacy that way. You can hang a curtain just about anywhere that needs an accent. When you want a focal point in a particular room or even just a part of a wall, then a curtain is a great way to do so.

When you have negative space in a room a curtain is a good way to cover it and create an atmosphere. To cover your windows without blocking all of the light and adding a bit of style you can use bamboo blinds. They give a nice natural touch and complement an understated design style of the rest of the house. 

3 – Tapestries

Tapestries are a great way to decorate and also kill two birds with one stone. Hanging a rug or other fabric not only gives a room a unique style, but it can also keep the room warmer. Bare walls can feel cold in the winter and the tapestry creates a barrier that keeps the coolness from spreading into the room.

It’s also perfect for renters who can’t paint and are not allowed to put screws in the wall as you can use velcro strips to hang them.

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